Project Details

Join this project and help us promote international peace around the globe. Goals are to provide students an opportunity to enrich their global understanding; learn about other ways of life, other cultures and
credits: Google images
exchange their views of life; and practice reading and writing skills while emphasizing their use of technology.

Request a page and then return anytime throughout the year - Sept 2010 through June 2011 - to upload your students' works. Each month, we will create a new global project theme and share possible technology ideas. For each new project topic, request a new page to upload your completed projects. Feel free to complete multiples projects.

We welcome student ePals from around the world - any age and learners of all types - to submit photos of your arts and crafts projects, videos, audio, and other related technology projects; or, email your projects to Laura Howell, and we will upload them.

Thanks for visiting and participating!