Universal Children's Day


A "Children's Day", as an event, is celebrated on various days in many places around the world, in particular to honor children. Universal Children's Day takes place on November 20 annually. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children. It was also chosen as the day to celebrate childhood.

Project: Hey, kids it is time to strut your stuff! Who are you? What do you like to do? Where do you like to go? How are you unique? Create a presentation that will answer the following questions:

1) What is your first name?

2) What is the name of your country?

3) What is the name of your city?

4) What is the name of your school?

5) What is your favorite subject? Why?

6) Name your favorite sport (in or outside of school).

7) What is your hobby?

8) Name your favorite book?

9) What are your three favorite colors?

10) What is the name of your favorite restaurant?

11) Describe your favorite outfit.

12) What is your favorite genre/type of music?

13) Name your favorite three musicians.

14) What are the names of your favorite three places to visit in your hometown?

15) Using three words (adjectives), describe how you are uniquely different.

16) If you were an animal, which one would you want to be? Why?

* Use images to enhance your presentation.*


Hungary - Gyongyi Tothne Ban
USA - Laura Howell/Lynn Sykes